Medtech & Diagnostics

Our specialized expertise allows us to understand how to overcome the distinct hurdles in the path to success for medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health products.

Emerging technologies have the potential to transform healthcare, but are in the midst of a complex transition from a physician preference and fee driven environment to a more complex, value-based care system. For medical technologies, this has created unique challenges in ensuring that product value is clearly articulated and fully realized across a range of stakeholders, from regulators, physicians, hospitals, and payers. Identifying and clearly articulating the value of innovation is important not only for early stage companies but also the large multinational players that are seeking to grow market share and their offerings.

We have extensive experience working across different medical technologies and unique situations, conducting opportunity assessments and diligences, informing commercialization and reimbursement strategies, or developing the strategic direction for a technology or business unit. Our clients span all company sizes, from small startups to large pharma, and we can tailor our expertise to best meet individual needs.

We are deeply familiar with navigating the medical technology landscape across all major developed and emerging markets, and are well-positioned to help develop global strategies to maximize product and company value.

Project Types

Commercialization Support

Opportunity Prioritization

Optimal Technology Application Identification

Indication Prioritization

Competitive Landscape Analysis

Customer Profiling & Segmentation

Market Access

Reimbursement Strategy

Payer Value Proposition Assessment

Clinical Utility and Evidence Generation Strategy

Global P&MA Landscape Assessment

Market Entry and/or Development Strategy

Corporate Growth

Corporate Growth Strategy

Business Unit Strategy

Adjacency Assessment

Buy- and Sell-side Diligence

Licensing and Acquisition Support

Case Studies

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