Launch & Commercialization


ClearView helps companies address key launch imperatives through five core capabilities that represent end-to-end support spanning the launch lifecycle.


CATALYST™: Integrated Platform to Optimize Post-Launch Performance and Brand Trajectory


Post-approval, launch teams have a multitude of data sources, however, capturing clear learnings can be challenging.

Market research of key stakeholders provides insights on perspectives and behaviors, treatment guidelines and payer policy updates reflect perceptions of value and influence behavior broadly, and personal and non-personal customer engagement metrics reflect HCP interest level and receptivity to product messaging. However, separating noise from signal can be challenging, especially in the first few months post-launch.

Additionally, it can be difficult to understand the “why” behind observations and trends, limiting the effectiveness of solutions.

Certain behaviors related to access and utilization may be relatively easy to discern from launch-related data. However, there are often multiple potential root causes to utilization barriers, each of which can be addressed differently. Linking the root cause of identified barriers is critical to optimal adjustment of strategy.

CATALYST™ is ClearView’s four-part approach to launch performance optimization that provides clarity on key performance barriers and solutions to drive brand growth.


Aggregate and synthesize multiple datasets on stakeholder behavior and beliefs to highlight key trends.

Strategy consulting heritage allows us to drive to differentiated insights across key stakeholders.


Link datasets to understand stakeholders perceptions and determine root causes.

Industry-leading data scientists enable us to integrate disparate datasets and develop customized dashboards.


Drive cross-functional alignment on key barriers and identify strategic and tactical solutions.

Cross-functional strategy workshops drive alignment on root causes to key barriers and development of solutions.


Engage functional teams to pull through customer engagement recommendations.

In-depth functional team expertise enables us to partner with broader team to implement solutions.

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