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Learn about the values and programs that combine to create a welcoming and open environment for all ClearViewers.

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"I chose ClearView because of the people. Everyone was so supportive, helpful and easy to talk to. They were invested in each other’s growth and in creating a wonderful workspace, where everyone was driven to deliver an innovative solution. I felt that my scientific research skills were welcomed and would have the opportunity to grow." - New Hire, February 2021

"I came to ClearView because of the focus on the life sciences industry and the interesting nature of their cases in this field. Additionally, the company demonstrated a strong commitment to both formal and informal training, which I knew would be important for me to meet my professional development goals." - New Hire, August 2019

"I chose ClearView because of the people. Everyone seemed to support each other and foster friendships, not just staying as co-worker acquaintances." - New Hire, July 2019

"I chose ClearView because it was the place where I felt my science background would shine. I was so impressed by the scientific expertise of everyone I met - it was unlike anywhere else!" - New Hire, July 2019

Best-in-Class Training

Case-based Onboarding

Every new ClearViewer participates in a case-based training in their first week at ClearView. This case-based training gives new hires the opportunity to experience all of the aspects of a ClearView project, including mock calls with physicians, real secondary research, and a final presentation of their findings to their “client”. After the first week, there is a second week of training modules where new members of the team learn the skills they will need to excel and grow at ClearView.

On-going Training

There are constant opportunities for improvement and growth throughout your tenure at ClearView, from training immersion days – all-day training programs designed to teach new skills as you progress through your career – to oral communications workshops – 1-hour small-group sessions with a member of the leadership to work on your individual presentation goals.

Mentorship Programs

ClearView’s training doesn’t stop with our formal programs. After the initial two-week training, every new member of the team shadows a tenured ClearViewer for their first few months so that they can practice and enhance their consulting skillset in a real project setting. In addition, every ClearViewer is paired with a coach from our extended leadership team for personalized, one-on-one coaching throughout their tenure.

Work-life Balance

Team Building Events

Empowering our teams to socialize outside of the project setting is at the heart of ClearView’s culture. The Team Building initiative focuses on providing our colleagues with opportunities and resources to build lasting relationships. From after work drinks and quarterly events to birthday celebrations and holiday festivities, we never miss a chance to spend time with one another.

Wellness and Family Sustainability

The Wellness Initiative focuses on promoting health, work-life balance, and positive morale in the office. Activities such as plant cart, therapy dogs, and ice cream socials provide the opportunity to take a break and relax. In-office yoga sessions, healthy breakfast spreads, and a weekly running club encourage ClearViewers to stay healthy and active during the work week. Additionally, for those who have a family or are interested in starting one, the Family Sustainability Forum is a space to discuss the success and challenges of finding harmony between work life and family life.

Beyond ClearView

ClearViewers move on to do great things in the life sciences industry and beyond after they move on from our firm. With 2 or more years at ClearView, alums have moved on to prestigious business schools, world class medical programs, and impactful roles in key companies in the life sciences industry, including those highlighted below.

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