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Who We Are

Learn about the values and programs that combine to create a welcoming and open environment for all ClearViewers.

Our Story

In 2007, ClearView was founded based on the belief that companies driving innovation in the life sciences need a partner that can combine deep scientific expertise and sound business instincts to create actionable and impactful results. In our industry, we know that the quality of our work is rooted in our team, which is why we have always hired consultants who combine their intellectual curiosity and business savvy with deep scientific backgrounds. The success of this formula has enabled us to become the largest independent life-science focused strategy consultancy, with offices in in Boston, New York, and San Francisco.

Our Core Values

Own It

Put your best foot forward

Solve It

Create impact through curiosity

Team First

Build the house we want to live in

Trusted Partner

Commit to quality and collaboration

Ever Better

Embrace the challenge in every day

Our Culture

ClearView’s culture is built on a strong sense of community, fostered by a diverse and inclusive environment, that supports a sustainable balance between work and social life. A dynamic and engaging sense of team culture is integral to the success of ClearView and the ClearView team.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At ClearView, we recruit and empower talented individuals from diverse backgrounds to drive innovative thinking, challenge the status quo, and become leaders in the life sciences industry. Our collaborative, vibrant community allows us to provide high impact solutions for clients and creates an office culture that celebrates the open exchange of ideas. For more information, please contact


Women LEAD (Leadership, Empowerment, and Diversity) is committed to promoting an inclusive community that fosters an empowering and supportive environment for women at ClearView.


OUT for ClearView’s mission is to encourage cultural awareness and continue to ensure a welcoming environment with the goal of engaging, supporting, and retaining LGBTQ and ally colleagues, and to engage with the larger LGBTQ community.


Mosaic creates a space to enhance our understanding of racial and ethnic diversity, learn how diversity of perspective and background makes us stronger, and to celebrate this vital component of ClearView’s culture.


The Family Sustainability Forum holds company-wide discussions to provide an open space for colleagues to discuss the successes and challenges associated with navigating and balancing their professional careers and personal lives.

Get to Know Our Team

Yamen Abbas

Senior Consultant

“Aside from the intellectually stimulating nature of the project from both the scientific and business lens, I got to see firsthand the tremendous passion and determination from both the client and internal ClearView teams to develop innovative therapies for patients in severe need of novel options.”

Mira Venkat


“My favorite thing about ClearView is most definitely the people. I feel so lucky to be part of a team composed of incredibly sharp, driven, and kindhearted individuals. I am repeatedly challenged and supported by my peers and project teams, which has led me to achieve tremendous professional growth.”

Lili Uchida


“The aspect of ClearView that I am really excited about is the single-project staffing model. I came to ClearView from a college that learns on the block plan (one class at a time), and I enjoy how the workstyle at ClearView resembles the block plan—it really allows you to delve into the topics you are investigating, which are always very interesting!”

Benjamin Frempah


“ClearView has been a great work place for me over the past year. I am fascinated everyday by smart colleagues who are passionate about helping clients solve some of their most challenging and impactful problems. It is exciting to work on projects with clients aimed at developing innovative therapies for patients.”

Blake Thomas


“What sets ClearView apart in my eyes is the people. Everybody from fellow Analysts all the way up to leadership has been extremely approachable and friendly. Spending time with such vibrant, colorful individuals has made each day here tremendously fun and enjoyable.”

Shivam Shodhan

Senior Consultant

“I realized that my excitement for healthcare as a physician was really about the potential at a meta-level versus a patient level – that’s what drew me to the firm. ClearView let me transition from treating patients to treating companies, ultimately broadening my impact. We solve really complex problems in healthcare, but manage to have a great time doing so!”

Andrew Jeon

Engagement Manager

“One of my favorite parts about ClearView has been the breadth and depth of projects we get to work on – these experiences across the life sciences industry have served as daily reminders for why I was interested in the healthcare space in the first place. The opportunity to tackle difficult questions with thoughtful and intellectually curious colleagues continues to be incredibly rewarding.”

Annie Peng


“ClearView has been a fantastic place to start my professional career. I have been able to leverage my scientific background and natural curiosity to solve challenging problems in the healthcare space. The best parts of working at ClearView include the amazing colleagues, interesting projects and opportunities for professional development.”

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