Expert Research Solutions

ERS provides rapid and high-quality access to carefully vetted stakeholders to directly bring you the most important market insights.

ERS manages an extensive global network that connects you with leading academic experts, high-volume prescribers, and payer and policy influencers, among other stakeholders.

We have six dedicated ERS team members who work closely with our consulting staff to customize and manage recruitment for all market research engagements. ClearView conducted more than 8,000 interviews in 2018 alone, with experts in our network located in over 40 geographies including all major established and emerging markets. Our world-class network of over 5,000 experts spans more than 45 therapeutic areas. We are constantly expanding our network reach and can perform custom recruitment for nearly any stakeholder to address your key questions.

ERS provides guidance and support across an extensive range of market research needs, from traditional telephone interviews, to surveys, in-person interviews, multi-stakeholder interviews, and live or web-based focus groups.

Example Stakeholder Types

Clinical and scientific key opinion leaders

High-volume prescribers

Active and recent U.S. payers

Recent EU payer and payer experts

Cross-functional industry experts

Other healthcare professions (first responders, case managers)

Patient advocacy groups

Patients and caregivers

Example Research Capabilities

Web-assisted tele-depth interviews

In-person interviews

Quantitative surveys

Patient chart reviews

Patient chart reviews

Patient journals / diary entries

Advisory boards

Live and virtual focus groups

Dyads and triads

ClearView Compliance Standards

ClearView maintains strict compliance procedures to ensure that all research adheres to industry best practices, recording laws, market research regulations and product safety reporting as well storage and destruction protocol. The ERS team trains each member of the consulting staff on all compliance standards and helps facilitate onboarding to your company’s specific compliance training and requirements where needed. ClearView is a member of the BHBIA and is compliant with all current interpretations of the GDPR.

For more information on data privacy, view the ClearView Healthcare Partner Privacy Notice.

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