Medtech & Diagnostics

Due Diligence

Acquisition of Established Device in Chronic Pain

What Our Client Needed

Our client, a leading medical device manufacturer, desired an assessment of the historic and current dynamics of medical device use within a chronic pain indication to inform a potential acquisition decision.

ClearView’s extensive experience across the CNS landscape and deep ingoing familiarity with device use in chronic pain helped deliver an informed and unbiased perspective.

Our Solution

ClearView explored factors that prevented previous market leaders in this disease from maintaining their leadership position to understand potential implications for the acquisition target. Specifically, we distinguished between issues that were specific to historic products and those that were indicative of broader challenges with this device category and disease space.

ClearView conducted extensive research to understand treatment approaches, reimbursement paths, and other market dynamics that impacted perception and adoption of earlier products. Furthermore, we evaluated physician perception of the acquisition target to understand key drivers of uptake and barriers that may be encountered.

Our Impact

ClearView’s analysis uncovered historic events and dynamics specific to previous market leaders, emphasizing key differences that allowed the client to make an informed decision around the potential acquisition.

Based on our analysis, the client decided to move forward with the opportunity and the acquisition was recently announced, with $500 M in upfront payments and additional payments contingent on milestones.