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Changing the Treatment Paradigm: Liquid Biopsies

What Our Client Needed

The commercial team at a specialty pharma company with significant involvement in lung cancer wanted a better understanding of the value of developing a circulating tumor cell (CTC) diagnostic tool to complement their existing portfolio and pipeline. 

ClearView was uniquely positioned to support this effort having recently completed a detailed lung cancer patient journey with the client, in addition to having extensive prior experience evaluating the opportunity of various diagnostic technologies.

Our Solution

ClearView explored the key drivers of decision-making at the various points in the disease course, specifically to understand attitudes regarding a CTC-based approach and the clinical scenarios where physicians believed a CTC diagnostic would have greatest utility.

Key findings were synthesized to highlight potential drivers and barriers that may exist for the future incorporation of CTC testing into lung cancer care. We specifically highlighted how this would influence targeted therapy utilization, largely focused on the client’s portfolio and any impact on future adoption.

Our Impact

Our analysis provided key insights into liquid biopsy utilization across different disease settings, to identify where CTC diagnostic uptake would be high vs. where greater investment would be necessary. We also highlighted strategies to increase liquid biopsy adoption and potential synergies with the current client portfolio.

Ultimately, these findings helped the client team decide to move forward and develop a more formal business case for investment in the CTC diagnostic tool, for which ClearView provided ad hoc support.