Medtech & Diagnostics

Opportunity Assessment / Due Diligence

Assessing a Novel Drug-Device Opportunity

What Our Client Needed

A private equity firm required an external and independent assessment of the opportunity for a novel drug-device combination product in CNS to inform future investment. They were particularly interested in understanding critical levers for influencing future potential opportunity.

Our extensive experience in the space, familiarity with the key commercial issues associated with the drug-device combination, and ability to bring an unbiased perspective to the project were considered differentiating.

Our Solution

ClearView conducted a rapid round of physician interviews to evaluate perspective on product differentiation and estimated utilization, facilitated by our in-depth understanding of the technology and product attributes. In addition, we developed a forecast to estimate future product revenue in two value-driving indications, which was used to inform investment negotiations.

Our Impact

ClearView’s work informed a $50 M investment on behalf of our private equity client, which was subsequently used to fund two pivotal Phase III studies. Both studies were successful and are anticipated to support FDA approval. In addition, critical success factors identified during the assessment have helped form the foundation for the company’s commercial launch strategy.