Medtech & Diagnostics

Companion Diagnostics Go-to-market Strategy

Defining a Companion Diagnostics Strategy

What Our Client Needed

After learning of the need to develop a technology to identify likely responders for a novel agent, the pipeline marketing team sought help developing a companion diagnostic strategy for their therapeutic program.

ClearView’s experience in the disease area combined with significant past work conducting go-to-market strategies in companion diagnostic environments was critical for our engagement.

Our Solution

Due to our client’s limited prior exposure to companion diagnostics, ClearView began by elucidating key concepts across several dimensions: (1) identifying the product requirements for the diagnostic to gain optimal market acceptance (2) understanding best practices for working with a diagnostic partner within the context of both clinical development and commercialization and (3) understanding the potential business impact the companion diagnostic would have on their novel antiretroviral therapy.

To support these concepts, we conducted a robust assessment of the environment for companion diagnostics, including a benchmarking exercise. This exercise focused on identifying prior successful CDx/drug launches to determine best practices and key drivers of success.

Finally, we completed an exhaustive assessment of the commercial impact a companion diagnostic could have on sales of the therapeutic, given different product profiles.

Our Impact

ClearView’s analysis provided the client with a strong foundational understanding of the impact the companion diagnostic could have on their product’s uptake, and identified the drivers that would shape this impact.

The project output enabled our client to move ahead confidently in their discussions with potential partners for companion diagnostic development, armed with a thorough understanding of the key features they should be seeking in their CDx partner.