Training and Professional Development

We are excited by the prospect of you joining our team, and we believe ClearView represents a unique career option for you. We provide enriching opportunities for significant project contribution to individuals at all career stages, which support your rapid growth and progression. We also offer best-in-class training to support your learning and professional development on an individualized basis. This support includes customized oral communications training, company-wide case competitions, and mentorship from members of the leadership team. As an employee of ClearView, you will receive a budget of $1,000 each year to use towards external professional development opportunities to support your continued growth.

Onboarding and New Hire Training

New Corporate, Experienced (i.e., Senior Consultants, Engagement Managers, Associate Principals), and Leadership hires will attend a portion of the week 1 training mock ClearView case, in addition to more tailored programming for your role. New Analysts, Senior Analysts, and Consultants at ClearView participate in a six week case-based training process, enabling you the opportunity to experience all aspects of a ClearView project, including mock calls with physicians, real secondary research, and a final presentation of findings to your “client”. Your first week will be an abbreviated case designed to introduce you to the fundamental aspects of a ClearView project. During your second week, you will participate in training modules to begin building core consulting skills (e.g., building powerpoint slides and forecasting in excel). The last four weeks will be a more comprehensive mock ClearView project called Embark. An overview of the Embark program can be found below:

Advanced Training and Immersion Programs

ClearView continues to train its employees for the first 18 months by running interactive sessions to develop advanced analytical and client service skills. At ~6 months of tenure, you will recieve a full day of training focused on advanced primary research, secondary research, deliverable creation, and workstream management. Additional ongoing training programs include: Oral Communication Workshops, Case Competitions, and Strategy Roundtables.