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Connect to ClearView

Three-Day Advanced Degree Candidate Immersion Program

Connect to ClearView is a unique opportunity for advanced degree candidates focused in the life sciences to experience three days as a life sciences strategy consultant and get to know ClearView. ClearView Managers lead teams of graduate and professional students through an engagement based on high impact pharmaceutical development strategy projects. In addition, you will be exposed to all aspects of consulting at ClearView including:

  • Best-in-class mentorship
  • Team brainstorming sessions
  • Secondary and primary research
  • Problem-solving methodologies
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Presentation and storyline development
  • Oral presentations
  • Our unique and inclusive culture


Connect to ClearView is designed for advanced degree candidates (e.g., PhD, post-doc, MD). To be eligible for the program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Dedicated interest and background in the life sciences and a Consultant position with ClearView
  • Aiming to complete your degree or post-doc in 2025
  • Seriously considering life sciences consulting as a career option
  • Committed to attending one full 3-day session of the program in spring (April & May) 2024
  • Connect to ClearView has historically been hosted at our Headquarters in Newton, Massachusetts (just outside of downtown Boston). This year we will continue with multiple sessions in Newton, but we will also pilot one session in our London office 17-19 April 2024. The London program is only for participants attending programs at UK schools.

Application Timeline: There will be two application deadlines for our 2024 Connect to ClearView immersion program. The first will close on Friday, February 19, 2024, and the second will close on Friday, March 4, 2024. It is recommended to apply sooner rather than later as the first round of applicants may fill all our spots. Applications are now open!

Process For Selection: With a high level of interest, the selection process is competitive for Connect to ClearView. Those who are selected for consideration will be notified within one week of the application close dates to schedule interviews. Everyone will complete two virtual interviews with members of our Consultant Recruiting Team.

How Should I Prepare?  Our interviews are similar to those we conduct during our standard interview process.  One of the interviews will be a case interview and one will be a behavioral interview.  Of course, as part of the discussion the interviewers will be interested to understand your interest in Connect to ClearView and what you are hoping to gain from attending one of our 3-day immersion sessions.

Case Interview Prep:  Use the practice case questions on our website

Behavioral Interview Prep:What competencies do you think are critical to be a great consultant?  What types of questions could be asked about those competencies?  Also, don’t forget to simply google “Behavioral Interviewing” if you are not familiar with this style, there are lots of tips out there to help you respond in a complete and succinct manner.

Full-time Role: Consultant

Overview: Newly hired Consultants have advanced degrees in the life sciences (e.g., MD, PhD) and represent the primary drivers of engagement teams.

Responsibilities: Leading day-to-day activities and developing the methodologies and analyses employed to solve client problems. Consultants play a leading role in synthesizing conclusions and formulating recommendations.

Application Timeline: We primarily hire through our Connect to ClearView program. If we have additional hiring needs, we will open applications in September or October.

Full-time Role: Senior Consultant

Overview: Newly hired Senior Consultants have at least 2 years of professional experience prior to their MBA degree and are trusted liaisons between ClearView leadership, client, and project team.

Responsibilities: Collaborating with ClearView leadership to design project workstreams and driving actionable recommendations for clients. Senior Consultants play a leading role in client management and have opportunities to develop the skills of more junior team members.

Application Timeline: The application timeline follows the required timelines of the respective MBA programs. 

For candidates with experience in consulting who are looking to make a lateral move to a new firm, we post the position anytime we have needsPlease check back on the website periodically.

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