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Your client is a mid-sized pharmaceutical company with an inhaled insulin product for the diabetes market. The client’s goal is to earn peak revenues of $300M/year in the U.S. and they have asked you to determine whether this sales goal is realistic by calculating the dollar value of the current insulin market and determining which factors will influence the success of the product.

Question A

What components do you need to know to determine the market size of this product?

Question B

Using this information, determine the current insulin market size and the percentage capture the client must achieve in order to reach their peak sales goal of $300 M/year.

Question C

In order to evaluate how realistic a 5% market penetration is for your client, what factors regarding the inhaled insulin product do you need to consider and how can each of them affect the success of the product?

Question D

Considering all of the above information, do you feel that the client will be able to capture the 5% of the market they need to reach their current peak revenue sales goal? Why or why not?

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