Pharma & Biotech

Therapeutic Area Business Case

Turning Around from “Failure to Launch”

What Our Client Needed

Charged with leading a mid-sized pharmaceutical company’s entry into oncology, the VP of strategic planning needed a partner to help with the development of an entry roadmap.

In order to secure a commitment from the organization to invest in building an oncology business, the client required a robust, risk-adjusted, forward-looking P&L. Additionally, the client wanted to identify potential acquisitions within their financial parameters that could catalyze their entry to oncology. 

Our Solution

ClearView developed a “bottom-up” business case, which included the one-time and ongoing investment costs of oncology market entry. We worked with our client to identify launch assumptions of future products, which served as the foundation for a pro forma view of a potential business unit P&L.

ClearView also conducted a screen of all assets and companies within the oncology space to identify and prioritize the top 5-10 options that our client should consider for acquisition.

Our Impact

ClearView’s analysis ultimately led the client to believe that its investment constraints were too restrictive, and available investment would not be sufficient to enable the organization to achieve critical mass and success in the increasingly crowded oncology market. The company’s strategic direction remained focused on their existing therapeutic franchises, where ClearView has provided strategy support for marketed and pipeline assets.