Pricing & Market Access

Pricing & Market Access Assessment

Digital Therapeutics P&MA Strategy

What Our Client Needed

Given the uncertainty surrounding the reimbursement path for novel digital therapeutics, a large biopharma company sought support prior to finalizing negotiations with a partner. The partner developed two digital applications, and our client wanted to better understand the pricing and market access potential of the two products.

ClearView has a unique set of capabilities and expertise within MedTech and P&MA, including experience with digital health products, which strongly positioned us as an effective partner for this effort.

Our Solution

ClearView utilized a range of primary and secondary research sources in answering our clients’ key questions. 

We assessed the current and future competitive landscape of digital therapeutics, as well as solicited input from payers on their views of cognitive behavioral therapies. The perspectives provided by payers allowed us to identify value drivers for our client’s applications and understand their ability to address unmet needs. 

Additionally, we characterized the access potential and likelihood and timing of achieving coding, coverage, and payment across payer organization types. We also identified barriers to access, including evidence gaps, and other reimbursement benchmarks needed to drive value.

Our Impact

ClearView’s work clarified the path to achieve and optimize reimbursement for the digital products of interest. We provided actionable, strategic recommendations to invest and launch pilot programs to support long-term data generation and engage in risk-sharing contracts to maximize value for payers and ensure favorable access.