Pricing & Market Access

P&MA Landscape Assessment

Disruptive Pricing and Market Access Trends

What Our Client Needed

The Global Market Access team at a large biotech was seeking support to identify and understand the evolution of disruptive trends in the P&MA landscape to increase organizational fluency and support long-term strategic planning. In addition, they wanted to understand company readiness to address these trends and initiate other potential other activities.

ClearView was well-positioned for this effort given a deep relationship with the client company across clinical, commercial, and access functions, enabling us to articulate broader organizational relevance of the project. We also have significant expertise across the pricing and market access landscape and are acutely attuned to evolving dynamics and trends.

Our Solution

ClearView and the client teams worked together to identify key trends of focus based on relevant market events, and rising concerns raised by payers, regulators, and patients. The trends of focus included emerging value frameworks, HTA evolution, outcomes-based agreements, indication-specific pricing, and real-world evidence.

Once these areas of focus were identified, we then conducted a robust analysis of these trends, which included characterizing each trend, understanding the relative impact on relevant stakeholders, and identifying the overarching implications for the client.

Additionally, ClearView conducted a comprehensive set of internal stakeholder interviews to gauge internal perceptions around organizational readiness to address these trends and brainstorm ideas to strengthen the company’s position.

Our Impact

ClearView’s analysis provided the client with a robust foundational understanding of evolving disruptive trends in the P&MA landscape. Our work led to the development of a strategic roadmap to navigate each of these trends, including key considerations, organizational impact, and forward-looking implications.

The assessment of organizational readiness to combat these disruptive trends was leveraged to inform long-term strategic planning at the corporate level.