Investor Support Services​

P&MA Consultancy Buy-side Diligence Support​

What Our Client Needed​

Client sought to assess the potential of the P&MA consultancy market, capabilities of the target, and ability of the target to create synergies with another sponsor portfolio company​

Our Solution​

  1. Assess current and future growth of the market access landscape​
  2. Evaluate company perception across stakeholders (i.e., voice of customer)​
  3. Ascertain the growth potential of the company considering current capabilities and expansion to new products and services​
  4. Assess current organizational structure to understand if it provides sufficient experience, knowledge and acumen to support continued growth​

Our Impact​

  1. Articulated the current pricing and market access landscape, including fit of the target within the overall market ecosystem and macro market trends​
  2. Evaluated differentiation of the target compared to multiple player types within CCOs to support assessment of growth potential​
  3. Identified synergies across companies (Target and sponsor portfolio company) to support assessment of short and long-term value creation​
  4. Developed perspectives on key next steps to amplify synergies with the Target to support overall value creation​