Pharma & Biotech

MOA Prioritization

Elucidating the CNS Research Landscape

What Our Client Needed

Following a strategic decision to enter the CNS space, a senior R&D team desired identification and prioritization of the most compelling mechanisms of action (MOAs) capable of delivering clinical value in the future to inform both internal discovery and external licensing activities.

Since the project required the synthesis of both scientific and commercial perspective into a single strategic document, ClearView’s ability to work across both functional areas was a key differentiating factor. 

Our Solution

ClearView performed an extensive literature review and sought input from experts in the field to identify and prioritize MOAs in close collaboration with the client team. In addition, external licensing opportunities were screened and identified for follow-up by the business development team.

Our Impact

ClearView provided an understanding of the mechanistic landscape that was both accessible and credible to a range of internal stakeholders. The project resulted in adjustment to the internal R&D strategy, allowed the business development team to intelligently engage with potential partners, and supported an informed L&A (licensing and acquisition) strategy going forward.