Pricing & Market Access

Market Access and Competitive Strategy

Strategic and Operational Support in Market Access

What Our Client Needed

A large, global biotech was seeking to create a comprehensive product access and competitive strategy. They were looking for support in pressure-testing their current access and competitive strategy hypotheses and identifying necessary supportive data.

Specifically, our client wanted to define goals for formulary coverage and rebate rates, identify competitive risks, and perform account-level strategic planning for its immunology drug. The client was looking to finalize the overarching market access strategy during a 2-day workshop.

ClearView’s comprehensive experience in facilitating strategic workshops combined with deep expertise in P&MA, specifically in immunology, allowed us to successfully partner with our client on this engagement.

Our Solution

ClearView collaborated closely with a cross-functional group to identify goals and set the agenda for the market access workshop. We provided clear guidance on timelines for content development and owned the overarching workshop deck.

Ahead of the meeting, we developed materials that articulated the access strategy, the competitive intelligence environment, key risks, contracting development and defense objectives, and the output of strategic planning exercises with senior stakeholders from the client company. 

Finally, we supported the analytical content development, working with the analytics team on the client side. We reviewed and walked through the output with the access team and helped to identify any changes or revisions that were required. 

We ultimately facilitated the 2-day workshop, ensuring alignment across the access team and key-cross functional stakeholders.

Our Impact

ClearView’s oversight, pressure-testing, and development of relevant material allowed our client to be well-prepared heading into a large, cross-functional meeting. Our facilitation during the workshop itself allowed the access team to fully participate in discussions and drive to overall alignment on the access strategy.