Pricing & Market Access

Launch Price Strategy

Pricing for the Future

What Our Client Needed

After completion of Phase II studies for an internal program, a payer strategy lead needed to develop robust pricing and market access assumptions for a biologic product to inform strategic forecasting efforts.

ClearView has deep subject matter expertise within the pricing and market access space and has experience utilizing these projects as a bridge into broader commercial strategy development in preparation for the launch of innovative products, which allowed us to be a credible thought partner.

Our Solution

ClearView leveraged secondary research, primary research, and data analyses to develop robust and defensible pricing and access assumptions within an aggressive project timeline. We used a combination of pricing analogues, primary research with payer decision makers, and comparator cost-effectiveness analyses to develop baseline, upside, and downside pricing and market access estimates for the client’s strategic forecast.

Our Impact

Our work clarified price/volume trade-off assumptions and identified a clear “tipping-point” at which pricing could result in more aggressive access restrictions. In addition, we provided strategic recommendations on how pricing for the lead indication could impact future indications and where rebate contracts in the U.S. could mitigate future risks.