Pharma & Biotech

Brand Launch Acceleration and Growth Strategy

Turning Around from “Failure to Launch”

What Our Client Needed

Following launch into a highly competitive market, our client’s product was experiencing slower than expected adoption. Our client needed support developing a growth strategy to address underlying barriers of adoption and accelerate uptake.

Our long-standing relationship with the product team, prior experience in the disease space, and ability to consider a wide range of issues and topics (e.g., clinical, commercial, market access, health system, etc.) made us uniquely positioned for success.

Our Solution

ClearView conducted an extensive “root-cause analysis” of the potential barriers to product adoption, starting first with a facilitated brainstorming session with the client team. The most critical barriers to adoption were prioritized and additional opportunities for product growth (i.e., new sources of business) were identified. Brand strategies and their related tactics were developed and proposed for implementation.

Our Impact

Ultimately, the highest impact brand strategies and tactics were proposed for funding and subsequently implemented by the brand team. ClearView’s assessment led to critical adjustments to the overall brand strategy and helped contribute to 50% quarter over quarter revenue growth following the engagement. We have maintained a strong relationship with the client team and continued to provide support on other strategic engagements.