Pharma & Biotech

Growth and Innovation Strategy

A Fresh Lens on Growth and Direction

What Our Client Needed

After taking over the helm of a mid-sized specialty pharma company, a new CEO desired a fresh perspective on growth and innovation strategy.

The project involved setting direction in a new therapeutic area. ClearView’s deep content knowledge, paired with an ability to drive a robust, collaborative strategy process and support follow-on BD-assessments made us well-suited to address the client’s objectives.

Our Solution

ClearView conducted an exhaustive analysis of the universe of diseases within the prioritized therapeutic area, developed principles to guide R&D, and prioritized companies and assets that offered the strongest potential as “cornerstone” building blocks for entry and growth.

Our Impact

ClearView’s work informed a business development driven growth strategy in a new field of play. ClearView subsequently conducted due diligence on particular companies and potential asset licensing opportunities.

Two acquisitions were completed the first year following the initial project, representing $750 million in capital invested. Since that time, the company has completed several smaller synergistic deals and nearly doubled in size and market value.