Pricing & Market Access

Expedited P&MA Assessment

Rapid Pricing and Market Access Support

What Our Client Needed

The U.S. pricing and market access team at a large biotech needed a quick engagement to understand U.S. payers’ perceptions of value for novel SCD therapies, assess the potential impact of different pricing strategies on management, and determine likely access restrictions.

ClearView has extensive experience supporting rapid P&MA opportunity evaluations, with a vast global network of P&MA stakeholders enabling high-quality and customized primary research efforts, despite condensed timelines.

Our Solution

ClearView utilized its comprehensive network of P&MA stakeholders to conduct a rapid, high-quality assessment, with particular emphasis on the Medicaid population, given the patient demographic for SCD. We were able to quickly detail payers perceptions of the SCD landscape, novel therapies in the space, and a blinded version of our client’s therapy. 

Based on the insight of Pharmacy and Medical Directors from leading organizations at both national and regional levels, we were able to highlight pricing considerations, expected management, and contracting strategies for our client’s potential product.

Our Impact

ClearView’s analysis provided the client with a rapid yet robust overview of the SCD pricing and market access landscape, and guided the client’s pricing strategy for their novel product to achieve optimal pricing with minimal restrictions.