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Corporate M&A

Making A Deal in Rare Diseases

What Our Client Needed

The head of business development at a mid-size pharma company required an external assessment of a potential acquisition target in the rare disease space to help inform decision-making and potential deal terms. The target company had a mix of established, recently launched, and pipeline products.

ClearView’s experience in the rare disease space, ability to assess the future commercial potential associated with the target company’s portfolio, and willingness to act as “devil’s advocate” around key strategic issues were highly valued by the client.

Our Solution

ClearView conducted a robust analysis to estimate the future commercial opportunity and corresponding cash flow associated with the target company’s highest value approved and in-line products. In addition, we highlighted key strategic considerations influencing decision-making, which included potential corporate synergies, opportunity costs of acquisition, and value of broader presence in rare disease space.

Our Impact

Our analysis clearly articulated the strong rationale for acquisition given the target company’s strategic fit with our client’s organization. However, the future value associated with the target company’s portfolio was substantial and required a greater investment than expected. While our client decided to pass on this particular opportunity, ClearView has continued to provide strategic due diligence support services to the organization.