Investor Support Services​

Companion Diagnostics Due Diligence​

What Our Client Needed​

Target had unique experience developing and launching companion diagnostics (CDx) for pharmaceutical products, which had potential to pair with a clinical development player with unique technical capabilities already in client’s portfolio​

Our Solution​

  1. Assess key dynamics shaping the CDx development market​
  2. Evaluate differentiation of Target given their niche CDx expertise and product portfolio​
  3. Conduct a targeted, expert-driven assessment to understand the degree to which additional services would be value-additive to current/future customers of current portfolio company​
  4. Assess degree of capabilities overlap and potential for seamless integration into organizational structure​

Our Impact​

  • Developed market map of key players, their capabilities, and current gaps in the CDx market​
  • Evaluated CDx development process along product journey from conception to approval, to enable articulation of key areas of differentiation​
  • Provided analysis of Target positioning in CDx market and ability to complement existing portfolio company​
  • Supported scenario-based revenue forecast modeling​
  • Outlined key recommendations for roll-up strategy in CDx along with potential alternative investment options​