Investor Support Services​

CDMO Buy-side Diligence Support​

What Our Client Needed​

Client sought to validate perspectives on market growth for cell and gene therapy CDMO, viability of products being developed, and extent to which current platform could sustain differentiation in an increasingly crowded space

Our Solution​

  1. Characterize current landscape for cell and gene therapy CDMOs​
  2. Anticipate if Target’s cornerstone products are compelling and can drive sustainable revenues​
  3. Assess key strengths of Target and how they are differentiated in the market​
  4. Develop a perspective on key areas for investment to support growth​

Our Impact​

  • Mapped current cell and gene therapy CDMO landscape, including key players, as well as current and future differentiation potential of the target​
  • Developed a 10-year revenue forecast for lead product being developed, including sensitivities to enable evaluation of demand fluctuations​
  • Identified areas of growth and investment for the business beyond current platform​
  • Supported ultimate investment in the business by the client​