Updates from Asians at ClearView

ClearView was excited to establish a new DEI group in 2022, with Asians at ClearView formally created in the Spring. Since then, the team has hosted a variety of events and driven office holiday celebrations. Read on below to hear a bit about our Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn celebrations!

Lunar New Year


Dumpling Contest

Dumplings are made during Lunar New Year because they resemble an ancient Chinese money Yuan Bao), so eating dumplings is a way to bring good luck and fortune!

ClearView celebrated Lunar New Year by making and eating dumpling across the globe


Celine Shen, Analyst, made egg and regular dumplings with pork and Chinese chive fillings​


Megan Quimby, Senior Analyst, celebrated LNY in Singapore with some authentic dumplings​


Han Chung, Analyst, went to a LNY parade in Chinatown NYC with lion dancers of all shapes and species


Team Lunch

For team lunch on January 31, 2023 we ordered from Olitoki, a Korean fusion restaurant in Allston, MA and from Vanessa’s Dumplings in NYC, which specializes in Chinese snacks such as hand-made dumplings, buns, sesame pancakes, and noodles


Red Envelopes

On Lunar New Year, it is a tradition to gift a bright, red envelope to family and friends. The red color represents good luck, prosperity, and happiness in the new year! 

CVC distributed red packets with gold coins to everyone in the office, and decorated the office with Lunar New Years decorations!



Mid-Autumn Recap


Office Celebrations - Boston

In Boston, we celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival during Beer Cart with different flavored mooncakes including pineapple, lotus, and red bean, soju, Asian pears, and a pomelo (which we had no knife large enough to cut).




Office Celebrations - NYC

NYC offices celebrated outside on the balcony and decorated lanterns!



Office Celebrations - London

London celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival with noodles, dumplings, soju, and mooncakes!