Pharma & Biotech

Therapeutic Area Strategy

Roadmap to Success in Immunology

What Our Client Needed

Following the successful launch of two immunology products, a therapeutic area (TA) lead sought support on the best approach to establish a broader, long-term immunology franchise.

ClearView’s significant experience in both immunology and in generating TA strategies ensured we were set up to successfully deliver on this engagement.

Our Solution

ClearView first helped to establish our client’s “vision for success” within immunology – i.e., scope/size of immunology franchise, mix of internal development vs. in-licensing, etc. – which also served to provide overall project direction. From there, the range of potential immunology diseases was identified and prioritized based on expected future unmet need and internal development capability.

Within prioritized diseases, compelling product characteristics and mechanistic approaches were identified, which provided overall strategic direction for the franchise.

These concepts were clearly articulated in a strategy document, which was then available for the team’s reference and broader dissemination throughout the organization.

Our Impact

ClearView’s work supported a strategic effort to grow a developing TA franchise. In particular, we provided the TA lead with the context necessary to pursue a portfolio of TA pipeline products and positioned the organization for mid- and long-term success.