Pricing & Market Access

Cross-indication Pricing Strategy

Asset Maximizing Pricing Strategy

What Our Client Needed

The commercial team at a large biopharmaceutical company sought to better understand the global pricing and market access potential of a small molecule across select immunological indications, and develop a pricing optimization tool to inform optimal sequencing strategy based on particular scenarios.

ClearView’s extensive experience developing launch pricing strategies across therapeutic areas, including immunology, with a substantial network of relevant stakeholders to support high-quality and customized primary research efforts was favored by the client.

Our Solution

ClearView developed a structured approach to provide P&MA insight for our client’s product across indications to drive forecast assumptions and indication prioritization. 

We assessed payer perceptions of value given the existing evidence package, in light of the competitive landscape, for each indication. We also evaluated different price bands and potential access restrictions associated with each. We used this information to inform forecast assumptions, and ultimately identified indications and sequencing that would optimize value over the lifecycle of the asset.

Our Impact

ClearView’s analysis helped guide investment decisions by prioritizing indications with favorable commercial opportunity, and providing strategic, market-specific recommendations to optimize pricing and market access.